A long expected blog post


I just asked my fiancé “do you feel my proposing to you on top of a Cathedral earlier this summer was the height of our relationship?”

“Get in the river”, was her response as she pointed to the canal. We’re sitting in Wetherspoons on a Sunday morning, having a cheap breakfast with unlimited coffee refills before she starts work. I’m on my seventh cup and I’m smelling colours.

This is our routine, if you can call it that. We’re on our phones, she lovingly reminds me to drink my coffee (blue is now a floral, freshly laundered smell), we briefly share an in-joke and a kiss before heading out.

The church bells begin at 9:39am. I always think of my friend Cheryl when I hear the bells chime. She took lessons in bell-ringing and discovered how her large bosoms helped the momentum of the pulling. I wonder if Cheryl knows she’ll be on my mind on my wedding day, albeit briefly.

I’ve dropped my fiancé off at work. I am now burdened with the serious responsibility of taking over the Pokémon gyms between here and my house, while not frivolously spending money on 79p Pokeballs.

My fiancé and I started dating 6 years ago. We were high school sweethearts; she, being a year older, went to University first, I followed her up and both graduated to return to our respective family homes. Next month I’m returning to our University town to pursue my career within the insurance industry with a view to complete my Certificate in Insurance. I will miss my current job more than I can say. I know not many people like their jobs, let alone love them, but I do. Mondays may as well be Fridays. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a mortgage down south in Hertfordshire, so I’m off t’north.

Although I will miss our quaint, little market town, there are a few things I’ve missed. By returning to our favourite town in West Yorkshire, we’re returning to nine Greggs bakeries, £1.50 pints, rent at just over £400 for a semi detached double-roomed large house near the town centre, and a place of booming growth. For the poor student or young professional, it’s a small haven.

So, yes, I’m writing this blog to keep my little mind active while I’m away from family, friends and my fiancé.

Wish me luck!